9 Things I learned during my first act of civil disobedience

Homeless poster

  1. Some lawyers are incredible. So thankful for the handful of lawyers who were there last night!
  2. Drink less water! A little yellow pee is way better than having to go with no bathroom around.
  3. Bring more clothes. It gets cold at night.
  4. Be prepared to wait. And wait. The cops know how the play the game: fatigue is a much stronger force for apathy than persecution.
  5. Community will either make or break your commitment. I know I would have left multiple times if it had not been for the support of Mike, Jessica, Steve, and Jean. So great to meet so many other like-minded people!
  6. There real reason we were there is mimetic!!!! *Mind blown*
  7. People don’t respect sleep enough. Even after the police left, it was impossible to sleep well. There’s good reason why homeless people are always attempting to sleep. They never get enough of it.
  8. When “camping” always sing camping songs. Few things in life bring more joy than a deep, hearty, belly laugh. 😊
  9. Never underestimate the importance of communication in any relationship.

About Nate Turner

Right now, my primary hope in life is to journey "further up and further in" toward wisdom, wonder and joy. I live with my wife and son near downtown Fresno. And I try to escape to the mountains any chance I can get.
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